Posting on Your Facebook Page – The Right Way!

After many long hours of deliberation, you’ve finally created your company’s Facebook Fan Page – Great! Now, what should you post?  How do you engage your fans while maintaining meaningful conversation with clients or customers?

Before you answer that question, remember EdgeRank.  Facebook’s algorithm that filters users news feed content based on the people and pages they connect with the most.

To make sure that you are giving relevant content to your Facebook fans and at the same time optimizing for EdgeRank, here are a few content creating tips:

  • Do not automatically feed your twitter updates or blog posts to your FanPage
  • Do not share the exact same content across all your social networks
  • Talk about things other than your products and services
  • Vary your content by posting videos and photos
  • Do not be afraid to crowdsource
  • Target your updates (by country, state, city, language, etc.) when necessary
  • Ask questions
  • Do not bombard your fans with posts
  • Maintain a unique and consistent voice
  • Track your performance and watch for trends

With these tips and some persistence, you should be able to engage your fans and produce content that will keep fans and customers alike coming back for more.