The Power of Storytelling

What makes storytelling such a powerful tool for your business?

Stories give you the power to sculpt the way potential clients view and engage with your business. They also continue to encourage trust among those who are already clients.

It’s no secret that people are intrigued by and listen to stories, so what’s stopping you from creating an awesome story? Maybe you think you don’t have a story to tell… we are here to tell you that you do and that your story has always been there.

So, what makes a story so unique and such a valuable marketing tool?

People connect to stories and find peace in the ability to see others who have been where they are.

Storytelling and the brain (2)Use stories to connect with your ideal clients; they are there, so speak directly to them. Don’t be afraid to hone in on a specific person and their situation. The truth is, people make decisions based on their situations. When you identify and connect with that unique situation, you present yourself as an authority; someone that viewer can get to know, like and trust.

The great news is, our entire lives are made up of situations and stories; these stories provide the context and purpose needed to make connections with others.

Your stories are valuable.
Use them to offer hope, relate to others, and provide authority.

A great place to start is the story of why you started your business.

Start with context, set the story up; find the conflicts of your story and explain the emotional aspect that others can connect to, frustration, fault, longing, need, etc. Then bring it all together, tell them the solution; what changed, what was the positive outcome?

The more open, honest and vulnerable you are with your stories, the more impact they will have on your audience.