Problems with the IRS, but Not with Our New Site for Local Tax Firm

At some point or another, everybody runs into trouble with their taxes. With such a complicated system in place it’s easy to get lost and miss important documents. When you’re battling the IRS, you need a sturdy shield to help you defend yourself. needed a new website that communicates confidence, experience, information and their time-tested six point defense program. authenticWEB was more than happy to build their modern, graphic-rich website and add several functionality improvements.

Information in the Blink of an Eye

Problems with the IRS come at you like a runaway train on fire. The stress and emotional impact can consume weeks of your life which should be used finding help. When there’s no changing the system, adaptation is the only option. The new Charlie Price website puts everything a potential client needs to know up front in a simplified, understandable way. For anyone looking to take a closer look, each section offers fast access to more detailed pages or contact forms to get one on one assistance.

Hit the Road

Dealing with the IRS will erase any idea of “down time” until the problem is settled. You live on the go and, as such, need someone who can keep up. The new website features a mobile responsive design which enables the same user experience on any platform or device. Google’s emphasis on mobile-friendly pages in recent years will also look favorably upon this. The firm’s SEO will improve, boosting their search ranking and making it more likely potential customers will find them when searching.

Take a Free Gift

Giving visitors something to do or something of value shows how much the business actually cares. Whether they get your money or not, they want you to be informed or working to improve your situation as soon as possible. It also gives them something to think of the business later, when they make a final decision. The new Charlie Price website features a free lead magnet, giving visitors an insider’s guide to tax problems and how to solve them.


For over 20 years, Charlie Price has dedicated his practice to defending clients from tax, debt and credit problems. Having been on both sides of the process, he’s a qualified attorney who has protected himself as viciously as he will each client. With a six point program, Charlie Price aims to be the shield standing between regular people and the IRS.