6 Easy Steps to Creating Valuable Video Content that Converts

Producing video content can seem like an intimidating and technical process, leading many business owners to shy away from it completely. But, they’re missing out on tons of conversions and potential business. These leads are surfing away to competitors’ sites that do provide informative videos.

So, what’s stopping business owners from producing this influential content for their website? Most feel the process is too complicated or don’t think they have important information to share. They couldn’t be more wrong! Creating a video can be a simplified process that’s worth mastering. Telling the right story at the right time in a video format can easily be the most impactful online marketing you do all year.

Don’t believe us when we say it’s simple? Here are six easy steps to follow to produce quality and high-converting video content.

1) Organize Your Stories. As a business owner, you have knowledge, industry information, customer stories, and countless reasons you love what you do. These are all your stories that people want to hear. Pin down your ideal customers, think about their personal situations, and use that to figure out what stories are relevant to them. Those are the stories you want to tell in your videos.

2) Set Yourself Up for Success. Now that you know what stories you want to tell, plan your footage. Decide what services you want to promote and what value each video will offer its viewer. Look at the equipment you have available to you and decide if you need to invest in lighting or sound. You can use your smartphone, DSLR, or a regular camcorder. One good light and one good microphone can go a long way with video quality. Also, tap into your resources and pick articulate and engaging people to star in your video.

3) Produce. There are several ways to film an informative video. We suggest an interview-style video since it allows you to speak naturally and stay more connected to the audience. A half day of video production can sometimes produce enough content to share on your website and social media for years to come. You can’t beat that!

4) Make It Worthy. High quality videos are so important for engagement. How many times have you given up on a YouTube video after a few seconds because you couldn’t hear or see it clearly enough? Consider adding title cards or music to enhance your story. Decide the ideal length of the video and edit it as needed. You can segment your video into multiple videos if it’s getting too lengthy.

5) Get It Out Into the World. Now that you have a video that’s engaging, informative, and exciting, you want as many people as possible to see it. Paid traffic with video Facebook ads can be an affordable yet effective way to get your content out to potential customers and create conversions. Share it on other social platforms your business uses like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Do you have any online partners who would benefit from sharing your video on their website? You can also email your video to your current list, which makes it easy for subscribers to share with friends.

6) Analyze Your Results. This is a step that many business owners skip, but it’s an important one. Check out the statistics of your video to see how many views you’ve received and how many of those led to conversions. How long did most people watch the video? If most only made it through three minutes of a seven-minute video, you know your next video should probably hit around the three-minute mark instead. Most importantly, what comments did you receive from viewers? These comments can give you insight for improvement and clues about what your audience wants to see next.

Video content has become one of the most popular ways to receive information. A high quality, informative video that caters to your ideal customer’s needs can lead to a higher conversion rate and add more value to your online presence. These six simple steps will help you master video production. So, come on, it’s time for ‘Action!’

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