How to Review Your Website for Launch

This post is the second in a two-part series highlighting the client review portions of our web projects. Both articles contain pointers that are helpful in keeping your project moving along and not getting delayed from launching.

At authenticWEB, some of our most thrilling moments are centered around website launches. Anticipation has been building for weeks and clients are excited and ready to put their new sites into action. I had one client compare the impending launch of their website to Christmas morning – so it is not lost on us how important website launches are to our customers.

What we often find is that just as this website launch momentum begins to peak, we end up stalled when a site is sent out for client review.

Given the amount of information and complexity of a new website’s design and layout, it is easy to understand how the review process can overwhelm a client.

The key thing to acknowledge at this point is that every day you delay reviewing your site is a day that your site remains unseen by the masses. Every hour you spend stuck on minor details is another hour you will not be reaching your ideal clients. By focusing on specific criteria during the site review process, launching your site becomes less time consuming and intimidating. The faster we get you through the review process, the faster your clients will be able to finally see the awesome piece of website magic that authenticWEB has created for you.

Here are some simple tips to help expedite your site review:

  1. Take a quick glancing look at each of the main pages of your site. Does the overall look of the site match the design comps you approved prior to the start of the project? If so, the site should accurately capture the color, typography, and overall values of your brand. Is your correct logo and business name on the page?
  2. Does the site’s navigation make sense and follow the site map you approved at the start of the project? Are all of the important pages accessible from either the main navigation menu or from some part of the homepage? Click each page on the navigation bar and make sure the links work. Note any 404 pages or broken page links.
  3. Are Call To Action buttons on the page clearly marked and working? Does the site reflect a correct phone number and address? Clients need to know what to do when on the page.
  4. Read all written content on your new website. Do you notice any awkward phrases or bad grammar? Also check for misspelled words and look out for commonly swapped words like there/their or too/to.
  5. You should also make note of any content that is missing. Did we place all of the videos produced for the site? Are any important pieces of information or pages missing? It is ok if you are missing photos, videos, testimonials, staff information, and secondary pieces of information as we can fill those in later once the site is live. What you want to confirm is that you aren’t missing vital contact information, calls to action, and important product information vital to converting your prospect into a client.

Once you have done these five things you should follow up with your design and development contact to either approve the site or advise them of needed changes. Once launched the site can be tweaked and edited further so it is absolutely key that you not stall launching as you strive for website perfection. We can’t emphasize enough the value in having your new site available to the public, so address the most important things, launch, and then let us fix the secondary details post-launch.

You have patiently waited for your new, state-of-the-art website to become a reality so don’t hold it up longer than necessary. Get excited and celebrate the fact that you have a new tool to tell your story, connect with clients, and grow your business. Ready, set, LAUNCH!

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