The Science of Storytelling

Tell Your Story to Reach More Clients

At authenticWEB, our passion is telling our client’s story so they can reach more of their own potential clients, effectively and authentically. We incorporate storytelling into everything we do – whether it’s designing a custom website, conveying a narrative through online video, or conversing with potential clients through social media.

We’ve proven time and time again that stories sell. People buy with emotion, and stories allow potential clients to connect with you on a deeper level.

With the rise of inbound marketing, there is a much greater opportunity for brands to sell their story rather than their “facts.” Rather than talking at potential clients, include them in the conversation and reel them in with anecdotes about your business, your family, your pets, and yourself. People will remember your stories much more than they remember your calculated mission statement.

Take a look at this infographic from One Spot called the Science of Storytelling. (Hint: click to enlarge!)

via One Spot

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Create a Cohesive Marketing Message Through Storytelling

Storytelling actually engages our brains in ways that other type of communications do not. If you want to not only create memorable content but also connect with more potential clients, you need to incorporate storytelling into your business.

A great way to use stories is through photos and online videos. At authenticWEB, we use a unique Video Discovery Process to get to know you and your story. Then, we can use your story to create a cohesive online message – one we will utilize to design a compelling website, formulate organic SEO strategies, produce high quality online videos, and craft social media posts.

How are you incorporating your story into your company’s message?