A Site for Sore Eyes: How to Keep Your Peepers Perked for Work

I wear my sunglasses at work.

If you are anything like the typical member of our high speed society, you spend many hours abreast on the latest news through various social media outlets, while simultaneously working many hours in front of a computer screen emailing your various clients, inputting data and other mind-numbing tasks. While being the cool hip internet user you are, you are faced with a new problem. Something that is steadily becoming more and more of a problem with the influx of new technologies: eye strain in the form of Computer Vision Syndrome, a seemingly a simple name for something far more insidious. Now yes, its major symptoms are blurred vision and dry red eyes. But any seasoned computer veteran would know this could also lead to absolutely excruciating migraines.

A study now says that somewhere between 50% and 90% of people who work at a computer screen have at least some symptoms of eye trouble. While going on a binge session of your favorite Netflix show is awesome, it can create a syndrome similar to carpal tunnel for your eyes. How? You are holding the muscles in your eyes the same for hours, thus causing strain. It is similar to bench pressing for hours on end. You might get some mad muscles, but you might not be able to move those muscles for quite a while. But if you take a breather and do some stretches between reps, you may be able to move the next day in a sort of zombie walk/drag-leg combo.

Not all circumstances may allow for a breather, but there are some ways to reduce the strain. One of the simple ways I have learned to do it is by installing a program called F.lux on to my computer. https://justgetflux.com/ For less than a MB, you can be able to power through a long computer session while not wanting to curl up in a ball and cry from an excruciating migraine.

F.lux alters the colors in your display to make it more like the natural lighting of the time; warm colors at night and white sunlight during the day. That eerie blue glow we observe from our computer screen is not natural. In fact there isĀ research on how detrimental blue light can be during the night. It interferes with your precious sleep. And considering most have little extra time besides our work, social media perusing and the necessary tasks of being a clean healthy member of society, sleep is hard enough to get as it is. Adding hours of tossing and turning in bed is usually not within our time budget. So not only does it prevent the mother of all migraines from CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome), it also helps you sleep. Sounds great to me!

All in all, while it is important to be the latest and greatest digitally, it is equally important to be healthy, lest one is unable to even enjoy the benefits of their notoriety. At authenticWeb, we take in consideration both the newest internet trends and what is best for you and your company.

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