The Future of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy plays an important role when it comes to producing the results every business owner desires. The common belief is that having higher rankings will bring in more clients; however, these results truly depend on your ability to provide valuable content that your specific ideal clients are actually searching for. In order to produce quality SEO, it is a necessity to intimately know your ideal clients and create superior educational content that will show them your influence, for content is the new master of SEO.

Why is it only after you master your content will your traffic and rankings improve?

When you provide relevant and important information that is precisely what your ideal clients are searching for, you place yourself as an authority in the market and you’ll appear in more search results as your content will seamlessly connect with what your viewers are searching for.

Where do you start when creating quality content to achieve higher SEO rankings?

Think, and create, from your potential clients perspective.

It is easy to do a broad search for “Best Pediatrician” or “Best Personal Injury Lawyer”, but how often does that initial search give the information you wanted, or needed? According to Google, the average person makes 10 searches before making a buying decision. Each search becomes more specific to that user’s needs, getting them to the exact result they are looking for; this is why you should concentrate on the specifics and not worry yourself with merely being the ‘best’. When creating quality, authentic content it is important to focus on your businesses ideal client. This allows you to construct content that will meet their needs and answer their specific questions.

When you can match their needs, knowing their search, your rankings will skyrocket.

If you need any more reason to believe that content is the new SEO master, go ahead and check out this short blog written by our CEO Ian Garlic. YOU CAN FIND IT HERE!  Ian gives some great insight as to why the highest quality SEO method is simply being authentic, and the facts are reinforced by Google’s Head of Search Quality, Matt Cutts.