A Blog Saved My Life (kind of)

A couple of years ago, I was unpleasantly reminded of how fragile hardware really is. My laptop crashed and took all my web bookmarks into oblivion with it. There is where I kept my most sacred archives of useful information that I could call in with just one click of my favorites panel. And just as fast as I could access it, it was gone. I had no back-up, no Plan B. It was a disaster.


For my Special Topics class, we were required to create a blog for whatever reason. I decided to use mine for all the resources I needed to keep me afloat in this ever-changing technological age. Thus… this blog was born: “Designing Innovation: Tidbits to Design with”. It is here that I can catalog everything on a whim!


So I strongly recommend (as I was also advised)… get a blog. I prefer WordPress because that’s what I was first introduced to. But you can go with whomever you want. You don’t even have to make it look all pretty and fancy or even publish it for the public eye. Or you can… your choice… just get one… and use it… don’t wait until it’s too late. Learn from the lessons that were taught those with experience.