The Online Tsunami That Will Destroy Your Business.

If you don’t know anything about Online Reputation Management, ORM, you can read about it by clicking the hyperlink. If you do not believe it’s necessary, ask Dell, or Jetblue, or Domino’s pizza.

If you think because you are a small town independent business owner, and there is no need for ORM, you are sorely mistaken.

I always knew about tsunamis.  I read science mags often and love the History Channel and Discovery.  There was always the threat, like Super Volcanoes and Giant Comets, but it never seemed too real.  I believe most people felt that way. You know the tsunami can hit anytime, but it’s really more a myth than fact.

Then came December 26, 2004.  A devastating tsunami hit Indonesia and no one was ready for its destructive power.  Kids were playing on the beach as the water innocently subsided before the power of Indian Ocean powerfully rushed the land.  Homes, cars, families and pets were picked up and swirled around in a continuous push.

Hundreds of thousand of people were killed and even more died in the apocalyptic aftermath of disease, drought and starvation.  This video shows how a Tsunami almost sneaks up  with its overwhelming will of destruction.



With the exception of some natives, no one knew it was coming, although the earthquake that caused it was registered and Tsunami Detection is well within our technological abilities.

First, let’s remember those that suffered through the devastation. If you can, give a little (or a lot) to someone truly in need today.

Now, think about your business’s online reputation. Just like a Tsunami, many professionals and owners think the Tsunami will not happen to them.  The fact is, no matter how great you are, there are more and more tremors being caused by unreasonably dissatisfied customers online every day.

These tremors may ring true in a few others eyes and become disseminated to other sites.  Before you know it, your business is facing an Online Reputation Tsunami. The waves of comments you did not even know were out there are rushing over your potential clients and in an instant your business is gone.

It could have been prevented.  You could have been listening to the whisperings before they became reverberating shouts all over social media.  That is what Online Reputation Management is all about.

Listen- Search deep for your Company’s Name. Join social networks, Create Forums about your business.

Respond-Address complaints. Encourage your client evangelists

Be Proactive- Enable your community. Ask people to write good reviews about you. Create video testimonials.

Don’t know how? Don’t have time? Don’t think it will happen to you?  You will have plenty of time to  rethink and learn all about it after the Online Reputation Tsunami has washed away your business.