The Power of Online Video: Video FAQs

A while back, we talked about video blog posts, one of the six types of videos we create for our clients here at authenticWEB. This week, we will continue with one of our other categories, Video FAQs.

What are Video FAQs?

We create Video FAQs to answer the most common questions asked by our clients’ customers. Normally, a website has a specific page dedicated to listing these questions in a text format, but to your viewing audience, this approach may feel very impersonal and stand-offish. By using video, your audience is able to not only get their question(s) answered, but they will feel that the professional is really engaging with them and meeting their needs.

These videos are similar to blog posts as they are short in length with great SEO value, but there is a key difference. The FAQ videos are tailored to directly answer a single question. On the other hand,  blog posts answer a topic in a looser, more conversational way.

Here are a few samples of Video FAQs from some of our clients.

If you are interested in using video to help answer your audiences’ questions and need assistance, call us for a consultation today!