The Robot that Never Sleeps

The internet has grown into a video mecca and is a regular tool for consumers everywhere.

Extensive studies performed by comScore, a company dedicated to measuring online engagement and use, found that users are exposed to an average of 32.2 videos each month and over 100 Million internet users are watching online videos each day.

What does that mean for you?

Video searches are the second most used search type on the internet. Using video production for your webpage is going to allow you to inform and educate your potential clients before they ever meet you. Your content should penetrate the market with authenticity and authority, confirming their decision to become a client of your business.

Here at authenticWEB we have mastered seven distinct types of video production:

  • Overview Video: A fun but intensive overview on you and your business, you’ll explain why you do what you do and the value of your services.
  • Service Video: This is a kind of mini documentary, you’ll specifically connect with your ideal clients through the value you provide.
  • Case Study or Testimonial Video: These videos are awesome because they not only let you show off some of your best work, they also let your potential clients see how you’ve helped others in the past and affirm your value to their current needs.
  • Video Bio’s: Video Biographies reveal who you are, your background and experience, to your potential clients. They let you mingle with those viewers before they ever meet you face to face.
  • Video Pages: These videos rest on a dedicated page that highlights a specific service, or set of services. These provide your opportunity to show authority and a gateway  into your market.
  • Video Blog Posts: These videos are very short and are utilized on your blog or social media platform. They simply allow you to briefly refresh your audience on aspects of your business and encourage continued interest in what you do.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Video: These are just as they sound. These videos let you connect to your potential clients by answering specific questions that are often raised about your company or what you do.

Each of these videos answer questions at different stages in your potential clients buying cycle.

After years of analysis, research and testing these are the types of video we have found are necessary, having continuous impact on conversion and SEO ranking.

We’ve put together a compilation page that shows great examples for each of these videos as well as brief descriptions of each type as they appear. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

When you utilize video in your website design you create a clone of yourself that never sleeps. Really think about this, every video is optimized for sales and those videos are running 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; you are creating a presence before ever meeting your potential clients. You’ll answer their questions, educate and inform them about you, your business and your credentials.

The added bonus?
Videos of you, and your work, allow viewers to affirm your value and create a trusting connection.

One of our favorite quotes here at authenticWEB was said by Roy Disney, “Branding is for cattle, people buy stories.”

Your potential clients are waiting to buy you and your story, in turn investing in their story. Video is all about connection and the most important thing to remember when you are connecting with your potential clients is to always be authentic.