Tuesday Tips: Pay Attention to Referring Sources

Find out which websites, including social media and paid advertising, send you the most and best traffic. Start paying attention to your referring sources in Google Analytics.

When you go to Google Analytics for your site, navigate to “Acquisition” then to “All Referrals.”  This will show you what sites refer visitors to your site.

Now, two easy metrics to observe are the site and how many pages deep those visitors go.

If you get many visits from a single referring site, start to investigate what content leads them there.  Make more of that.

If you find that visitors from one particular site spend more time on your website, spend more time on the referring site. Let’s say the average amount of pages someone views on your site is 1.96.  Then you see that visitors referred from your friend’s website stay on your site for 4 pages. You would want to spend more time writing for the referring site, and get more visibility, if possible.  You would also want to further tailor the pages linked to that audience.

By understanding  this, you take a holistic view of potential clients and paint a better picture of their Internet use.

You can improve conversion through this view.