TV Auditions are heading online!

Planning on making that overnight camp out for that next big break in television? Hoping to be the next American Idol? Sooner or later waiting in line to audition for that next great gig may not be as troublesome as you once thought.  Recently the Family Feud has held auditions for their hit show online using facebook. Based off of resent results, there just may be a future for casting auditions using social media rather than the old fashioned method. Here are some of the stats from the Family Feuds main success:

  • 100,000+ views of Playkast tab
  • 500+ video submissions (10x increase)
  • 5,500+ points awarded to videos
  • 1,200+ video shares (80+% on Facebook)
  • 40,000+ new fan page “likes”
  • 2070% increase above average weekly “likes”
  • Average user spends over 1 minute interacting with the page & watches 2 videos

There are a lot of pluses for using the new method. You can actually reach a much bigger audience for casting, getting more people who just may not have been able to reach the regular auditions. You can also at the same time create more buzz to get the word out there for your business and future project! What’s not to love! The future of social media is growing at a rapid pace and it looks like Hollywood is starting to get a grasp at the hidden potential that social media can do for it. Good luck on your future auditions America!