Twitter Attacked. Google Hacked. Now Facebook? Social Media Video Hunt Finale is postponed.

As reported this morning, hackers attacked Twitter and Live journal, and Google the causing the services to be inaccessible to most users. Now, probably not coincidentally, Facebook has been hacked as well and all of the Fan Pages are down.What is occuring is a DDOS, Distributed denial of service attack. Without getting technical, Hackers are intercepting your request for the page.

What to take from this? The great thing about having a social media presence, a blog and a website, is that there are multiple channels of communications. It is important to remember to not place all of your eggs in one virtual basket. If you have acohesive plan, not only are you prepared for situations like this, you can thrive.

For those of you that have been participating in the hunt, we have postponed the final drawing until Sunday, August 9th. You still have to do Step one and two and step three will be announced tomorrow afternoon on the Encore Creations Blog..

If you have any questions about the hacking, the video post or anything else feel free to contact me, Ian Garlic.