Using Hashtags for Your Business

Purpose of Hashtags

While many people use hashtags as a form of commentary these days (#dontusehashtagslikethis), their intended purpose is to sort content by themes. Using hashtags is a great way to find relevant conversations on social media. By utilizing a hashtag, you can a) contribute to a conversation, b) attract other users searching for the same theme, or c) discover new users to follow or retweet.


There’s a cool opportunity to “own” a hashtag by being the predominant person to use that hashtag. Then, you can use that hashtag on your marketing materials to let people find your social media content.

For example, at authenticWEB, we use the hashtag #authenticACTION. This allows us to compose and retweet content that our clients might find interesting or helpful. By searching for #authenticACTION on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you can find content we have posted. Follow us at @authenticWEB or @iangarlic!

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