Using Keywords When Blogging

Blogging is one thing, but blogging and actually knowing how to use keywords is a whole different thing. I have taken classes on Internet marketing and we have gone over social media and keywords, but one thing that was never clear was the use of keywords. Since becoming a regular blogger here at evolveALOUD I have been able to be reared a little more in that area. For businesses that blog or for those who are curious about blogging and how to use keywords here is an example:

[Pet owners should take their pet to the veterinarian to get checked up on a regular basis especially if they are the type of pets that are known to require special attention on a regular basis.]

Try a more specific approach such as:

[The English bulldog is one of the most special breeds of dog around. Bulldog owners should pay special attention to areas around the folds in the Bullies face to make sure that there is no moisture, preventing infection and irritation from building up on your Bulldogs mug.]

Certainly the second post is not perfect, but it gives you the general idea of how to use keywords by being very specific on the topic, type of pet, breed of pet, and something to look out for regarding the health of the pet.