Using Social Media and Video Blogs for Small Businesses

With using social media, small business should also consider using video blogs or vlogs. With the wide usage of Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo, Viddler, and others alike, it is wise to utilize these outlets as a way to reach your current and potential clients. Most video platforms allow linking, embedding and sharing to other sites such as a blog, a businesses website, Facebook and Twitter. With the right use of keywords as they pertain to your small business, you could potentially draw in more interest and business to your company than ever. More people are drawn to video than reading traditional blogs and articles. These videos can serve as a way to show a reference in the form of a testimonial from a current client, as well as an advertisement for your services and expertise. Using video for your small business can be relatively inexpensive; most laptop computers have video recording capabilities, and for a blog no one is expecting a Paramount Picture quality; however, remember that these prospective clients are still expecting your video to be professional. Here are some things to avoid when making a business blog on your personal laptop:

• Noisy areas of the office or home. Make sure there are no clients or staff around, and if at home, make sure that your six year old is not doing moonwalk impressions in the background.

• Watching yourself on screen while shooting.

• Apologizing or talking about unexpected faux pas and other events occurring in the video besides the main topic. If something does occur, simply edit it out or begin to re-record.

• If you are using a condenser microphone or any type of microphone that can physically be held, be careful when saying the letter “P”. These microphones pick up the sound and it is heard as a popping noise when recorded.

• The shaking camera. Whether you are using a web cam or an actual video camera, it is always distracting to a viewer if the picture is constantly shaking. Make sure that your camera is on a steady and still platform while recording.