Video FAQs – Making FAQ pages more personalized for your clients

Video FAQ’s on your site make your website more User Friendly

It’s common for businesses to receive questions from clients from time to time. A lot of times it’s so frequent that it warrants for sites to host FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages. These pages are usually formatted in listed order with typed questions and answers for users to quickly find what they are looking for. But, listing your questions and answers on a page isn’t the only way to go about doing a FAQ page for your website. In fact, there is a much better way of doing this which will not only make your content stand out, but also personalize your message to your viewer. This one step will give the viewer more information about you and your business. also, if you get the question once, there are probably 100 potential clients that are looking for answers to the same question on Google, so a little bit of video optimization never hurt either

Video FAQs Improve the look of your website

Turning your questions and answer into short videos is a great, easy and effective way to add personal touches to your website that is yours and yours alone. It shows the viewer who you are, what you are about and it can be done in your own voice at your convenience. There is absolutely nothing gimmicky about it! You really don’t have to hire a high budgeted production crew, so it will not create a massive dent in your wallet. You also don’t have to rent costumes or props either. If you have a camera whether it’s a DSLR or a video camera from your cell phone, if you can point and shot,  you can make a video answering your clients questions and post it on your website for viewers to find and share with others.


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Of course our team at authenticWEB can always help if you want professional Video FAQs on your website that are optimized to show up in Google too!

Some other reasons to consider creating Video FAQs

  • Videos are easier to share – potential clients looking online for a specific answer to a question will more often than not click a link to watch an online video about your law firm or dentist office rather than a link to read text on a page.
  • Videos are short and to the point – the videos are not meant to be fancy and the viewer is not expecting it to be either. All we are looking for is a brief answer that makes sense so the more to the point your answers are the better.
  • Videos are yours and cannot be taken away from you – copying and pasting a video will still be a video in the format it was originally created in. Copying and pasting text, on the other hand, makes it easier for your content to be stolen and claimed by someone else.
  • Videos can have animated visuals and effects  to make the content easier for viewer understanding- by seeing and hearing what is being shown on screen it is easier to retain the information given, rather then to just reading text on a page.

Video FAQs help you talk directly to more clients

There are more reasons than these but in the end, personalizing your content with video gives the viewer a One-on-One experience that is impossible to do in text format. Plus you are giving this One-on-One experience to millions at their convenience and in their space, instantaneously as you are going about your day. There is absolutely little to no effort on your part at all. So I will close with this, if you are considering doing a Frequently Asked Questions page or already have a page in text format, you may want to consider using video to reach out to your potential and current client base.

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