Website Redesign Emphasizes Community for Foster Graham

Becoming a part of the neighborhood is something that many businesses strive for, but often aren’t able to do. Making a client feel like they’re talking to their next-door neighbor opens up trust and opportunities that are hard to come by. Foster, Graham, Milstein and Calisher (FGMC) approached us with the goal of creating a friendly, local feel to their site. Our team of designers took advantage of FGMC’s brand, surrounding landscape and some new website mechanics to achieve this.

Modern, Captivating Design

FGMC leaves the sterile office to embrace some of Colorado’s breath taking landscapes and views. A skyline shot of downtown Denver helps localize visitors, setting in their mind that these representatives are just down the street. The firm’s earthy branding colors reinforce this and create a natural segmentation of each section. A full width, long scrolling design creates a flowing experience where visitors can learn the basics without ever leaving the front page.

Focusing on the Client

With FGMC’s experience and massive diversity in legal services, they boast a library’s worth of local case studies. The new page now puts an emphasis on these stories, urging visitors to see what the firm has done to help clients in the community around them. It puts a friendlier face on the firm and supports their dedication to serving the state of Denver.

About Foster, Graham, Milstein and Calisher

FGMC has been serving the Denver community since 1999, offering innovative legal representation to a range of legal services. Their team of over 25 experts in multiple practices ensures only the best legal representation at a cost-effective rate.