Website Redesign Leaves O’Baker and Lepird Shining Like Gold

If you’re looking for someone to help handle your money, you’re going to need someone you can trust. This means plenty of experience, services and information to get you prepared. O’Baker and Lepird needed a modern looking website that confidently shows visitors they’re ready to meet those needs. Our design team successfully updated the firm’s website with new graphics, layout and back-end capabilities.

Simplified, Easy Access Information

O’Baker and Lepird’s original site held its information on dull and often difficult to navigate web pages. Visitors will now find everything they need neatly arranged into relevant sections, and a helpful intro video about the firm right away. The modern look makes the company feel fresh and active, ready to jump on anything a client may need help with. The addition of social buttons gives visitors quick access to the firm’s networks for the most up-to-date news.

Take It On the Go

The firm knows accounting needs aren’t confined to a desk or office. Many clients need help at all hours, all over the world. Google has noticed this need across hundreds of industries. In recent years, the popular search engine has began using mobile-friendliness as a factor in a site’s search ranking. A responsive web design makes their site perfect to access from any device. Mobile phones have the same ease of access and usability as desktop computers. In compliance with Google’s new rules, it will also positively impact their search engine ranking.

About O’Baker and Lepird

O’Baker and Lepird is an accounting, tax and business consulting firm serving clients in the Orlando region since 1988. As growth brings change and additional services, they maintain a constant focus on client needs when achieving financial goals. A wealth of experience prepares O’Baker and Lepird to take on any need, from simple accounting services to bookkeeping and business consultation.