Why do some companies charge sooo much for websites? They are reinventing the wheel

Would you pay for a company that was coming out with a wheel? Many Website companies are charging you for just that

Many companies invest a lot into proprietary software that works usually worse or, at best, slightly better then many of the free applications out there today.  We often run into companies selling blogging platforms for thousands of dollars or proprietary website platforms to go along with the site they desing for tens of thousands.  Then they charge you for everything else.  They charge $500 to add a photo or $1000 to add a page whilc is almost a duplicate of a previous page.

Why do most website companies charge so much?

The easy answer is, of course, greed. But in actuality it is not just that there are many otehr faactors that cause them to have to charge you so much for a new website, a website update or a video player on your site.

You are Paying for a Website Company’s research and development.

When you buy a website that is built on proprietary platforms it cost money to build that platform.  A lot of money.  Unless the company is still in control of the engineer that built the original website desing system, and even it still is, there were a lot of of hard dollars put into it.  So for a company to be profitable on the program they have to pass the cost onto your business.

You are paying for a website company’s salesforce.

Even some of the top engineers, which are highly valuable, get paid less then the top salespeople at these website companies. So when you are paying for a website you are paying for the the salespeople as well.  However, sales people are in it for a sale.  They  get paid if your website is not perfect, and are not to blame.  I have worked with many fabulous and caring salespeople and this is no slight to them.  However, when working with a big name website company, many of the costs are going to be in marketing instead of the development of you site.  Since most professionals spend more time learning about the engine specs on their new car instead of the essential working of the web, many companies pay much more then they should on a site and dont even get the things that are essential.

I am not telling you our Authentic Web Marketing is the best, but of course we think so.  What I am telling you is get educated first.  Learn the basics of your internet capital, learn the basics of social media and search engine marketing.  Even if you don’t do it with us, evolve aloud.

“Business has only two functions that produce results, marketing and innovation, everything else is a cost” Peter Drucker

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