Why Does SEO Take So Long?

You’ve worked with your consultants and experts, and your SEO campaign is underway. Now, you want results. It’s understandable. You want to see your website climb up to the top of the search results, and beat out the competition.

But, in the world of online marketing, patience might be more of a virtue than you think.

SEO Campaigns — How Long Until I See Results?

Truth of the matter is, good SEO takes time. There are many steps involved in a good SEO campaign, such as

  • Researching the competition, and seeing what they’re doing to stay on top.
  • Researching your market, and coming up with goals (phrases you want to rank higher for, geographies you want to focus on, etc.)
  • Coming up with a plan to reach these goals.
  • Allowing time for Google, and other search engines, to see the work you’ve done to improve your site.

A Good SEO Company Will Go Slow And Steady

In it’s beginnings, years ago, Google was not savvy to some of the “black hat” SEO practices. It was easy to, say, stuff a website with just keywords, and get it ranked higher overnight.┬áBut Google has wised up. Nowadays, doing this will get your site penalized — Google could even refuse to index it at all!

Nowadays, the best course of action is to build links at a steady pace. Spamming, as quick as it’s results might be, is not good for the long-term success of your SEO efforts.

Building Trust With Google

The best way to make Google trust you, and reward your efforts with higher rankings, is to build a reputable site. They want to know that your website is in it for the long haul. Some of the things you can do to build your reputation are

  • Link exchanges with other reputable, well-established websites.
  • Guest blogging on high-profile blogs.
  • Consistently publish new and updated content.

These things, however, take time. Finding which websites to partner with for link exchanges and guest blogging can, in and of itself, take a lot of time. Great SEO is not a “quick fix” — it is an ongoing, evolving, ever-changing project. A great SEO expert — an authentic SEO expert! — will not just stuff keywords into your site and call it a day. They will work with you, on a consistent basis, to adapt to your site’s needs and Google’s changing algorithms.

Also, do not forget — Google trusts sites that are in for the long haul! The more time your website has been around, and the more consistent your updates to it are, the more attention Google will give it. It is not unheard of for Google to take a month or two to look over new or inactive websites — you need to buildd up your reputation, before Google will give you more of it’ss time!

Good SEO Is Quick — But Great SEO Takes Time

The more careful your SEO expert is, the more time your campaign might need. Keep in mind, an SEO expert who takes the time and care to slowly gain traction for your campaign is more valuable than one that “stuffs keywords”. The results will be slower — but more permanent. With a great SEO campaign, your website will not only climb up the SERPs — it will build a respectable online presence. Your website will not just be the hot commodity of the week, it will be a permanent fixture on the web.

Would you rather spam your way to the top for only a week — or build a reputable, reliable, prominent web presence that keeps you on everyone’s minds forever? Do you want good SEO — or great, authentic SEO? Your call!

The conclusion is, great SEO takes time. With patience, however, the benefits for you (and your business) could be great — and very well worth the wait!

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