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3 Ways To Block Any Facebook Application: Farmville, Mafia Wars, Etc. | Orlando | New York SEO & Website Design

Facebook games are extremely popular. Farmville, a Facebook platform game, has 71,763 monthly active users and was named social networking game of the year. Mafia Wars has 25,303,930 monthly active users. All types of people from all walks of life log on to Facebook daily to not only check on their friends but to check […]

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Google Optimistic About China | Authentic Web Marketing

In a recent Q&A session at the TED conference in California Sergey Brin, Googles co-founder, confidently stated that “We (he and Google) want to find a way to work within the Chinese system,” said Brin, but without having to censor political results. “A lot of people might think I am naive and that might be […]

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Facebook Redesign Coming For All (Pic) | Authentic Web Marketing

Once again users are signing on to Facebook to find that the interface has been changed. If you have not seen any changes yet you will soon. Your notifications will now be on the top near your search bar. The Home, Profile, & Account buttons on your Facebook homepage have been moved to the right […]

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Facebook: The Most Risky Social Network? | Authentic Web Marketing

Survey findings released by Sophos, a security firm, on Monday revealed that in 2009 the 500 companies that took part had reported 70% more spam and malicious infections from social networks verses 2008. 72% of the companies are concerned that employee usage of social networking sites could end up in a security breach. Out of […]

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