Posts from February 2014

Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your Strategy

Humans are social creatures, and ever since the advent of the internet, we knew it would only be a matter of time before we found ways to forge social interactions — even friendships and relationships — online. As a business owner, you want to build a relationship with your clients. Having an amazing website with […]

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The Why of Mindset Monday

Your day can get away from you.  Your week.  Your year. Your career. Your life. In these days of information overload, its easy to put our head down and just grind through work. It’s easy to find urgent work: the “false” urgent of the email inbox, completion of a mundane task with no real purpose. […]

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Chipping Away: The Michelangelo Mindset

Many people think that one thing is going change their business. There is not one thing that happens either to make or break your business. It is a combination. Michelangelo did not create David in a day. There were studies after studies he created in drawings, sometimes improving, sometimes not. And then he chipped away. […]

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Google Algorithm Updates — Don’t Panic, Have a Plan

“What will happen to my SERP rankings?” “Will I have to overhaul my website, and optimize it for different keywords?” “Will I lose costumers?” These are just a few of the questions we receive from clients whenever an update to Google’s mysterious ways of doing search is announced. It is a completely understandable fear. If […]

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Stop Thinking Linearly

With the age of the internet, we have moved far away from linear thinking.  We have stopped deciding linearly.  I don’t think we ever really decided linearly.  However, before the internet, our research for businesses like yours was limited generally to word of mouth/referrals, advertising, your basic marketing materials and the yellow pages. An occasional press […]

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