How to Make the “Perfect Video Case Study” That SELLS

Foremost, the perfect video case study is actually a story.

No one remembers “studies” unless they contain some groundbreaking fact. Even then, we put those groundbreaking facts into the context of a personal story. For example, we’ll talk about a stat, “only 4% of prospects are ready to buy right now.” If you’re like me, you immediately started to rationalize lost sales in your memory. See for yourself how one of our Video Case Stories tells the success story of a client.

You must start using the term Video Case Story for many reasons.

The number one reason is you’ll know you’re telling a story.

Next, to create the perfect Video Case STORY, we must know to whom we are telling the story. In day to day life, we customize our stories to the audience. The joke you tell your buddies at the bar hopefully differs from the one at the board meeting.

(Although, at authenticWEB our meeting jokes might be too much for the bar. “That’s what she said” may be the most common phrase besides “Is there a system for that?”)

In marketing, we call the perfect customer the avatar or ideal client. I use them interchangeably, as you will hear both in the marketing world.

I know. Your business serves a lot of different people. You don’t have a “perfect customer.” Even if you want to serve everyone, you still have to start to define the “perfect customer.”

The online world has too much noise, too many channels, and too much personalization in marketing for you to not have a perfect customer. You might as well throw 80% of your marketing budget out the window if you don’t target an avatar. In the end, you can have multiple “perfect customers,” but you have to start with one. To learn more about defining the perfect customer listen to my interview with Susan Baer on the Garlic Marketing Show.

The Perfect Video Case Story is about timing.

Like everything in business and life, you must get your timing right. I’ve seen stats that only 4% of people are ready to buy right now. 50% of people are getting ready to buy. We must design our videos and craft our stories to address where someone is in their journey.

The Perfect Video Case Story is NOT one video.

The Perfect Video Case Story leads someone down a customer journey. You can have the same subject for different videos.

One video may simply get attention (traffic).
One video may talk about your process (awareness)
One video could talk about you and the outcome (building trust).

They may all be the same case, but speak to different points in the customer journey.

The Perfect Video Case Story drives a goal.

You must know what you want the Perfect Video Case Story to accomplish. You may be thinking “Sales.” That’s why you’re reading this after all. We must move people down THEIR journey. When you try to sell right away, you more often than not scare away the customer.

If you sell a high ticket service like lawyering, doctoring, or consultoring*, you don’t ask for the sale the second someone walks into your office. Yet, most businesses do that with their internet marketing.

That’s poor marketing and often the cause of poor results.

You must know exactly what you want those customers to do once they watch the video. It’s great to create a Video Case Story. If no action takes place, then there is no reason to even create that video.

In one of our Case Story Videos below, perspectives hear firsthand about Bill Fritton’s journey with authenticWEB. He explains how he’d struggled with bad marketing in the past, and how he needed a firm that really understood his audience.

The Perfect Video Case Story drives decision making.

Buying anything, especially a complex service, requires many little decisions. You need to decide what decision the video will drive. Do you want the perfect customer to watch your video ad? That’s an action. Asking for attention requires a decision.

Do you want more eyes on your site? That’s one goal.
Do you simply want them to remember you? That’s a different goal.
Do you want to drive more people to learn your process?
Do you want them to fill out a form or contact you?
Do you want to overcome objections?
Do you want to rationalize your higher prices?

These are all goals that require a decision to move forward.

The Perfect Video Case Story can do all of these to move your prospect down the marketing funnel.

Good marketers move people down a funnel.

Great Marketers ride along the customer’s journey.

We buy from people we trust. Who do we trust the most? We trust those that are there for us. Great marketers know this and live this. You meet your perfect customer on their journey.

With over 200 episodes of the Garlic Marketing Show, I’ve interviewed plenty of great marketers from Gary Vaynerchuck to Tony Grebmeier, founder of ShipOffers.

They all look to serve the audience first. “What does your audience need?” is always the first question from great marketers when they come on my show. My greatest guests don’t force an agenda.

You must know and understand your customer’s journey and ride along. You must be their guide, not their hero. That’s what great marketers do. That’s how to truly create video case studies that sell.

To become the only choice for your prospect, put yourself in their shoes and tell them a story.
In our Storyboard Strategy Sessions, we identify the customers’ journey. We clearly know what they are feeling, then decide what stories are perfect at that moment.

It’s not until after we understand this that we come up with the tactic to deliver that story on video.

Develop an arsenal of stories.

If you know what you want to accomplish and who you want to serve, you need their journey and their stories. You need to develop an arsenal of stories. If you have an arsenal of stories that meet and serve your prospects everywhere on their journey, you will be the ONLY choice.

That’s the way you make sure you have the Perfect Video Case story that SELLS.

If you would like us to create the Perfect Video Case Study for your business call us or email us.

* I like to make up words. Don’t all consultants?

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