Are you attracting the wrong type of client?

How would you rate the quality of the clients your firm works with? Answer honestly. Are they the type of client you enjoy working with? Would you describe them as your ideal client? If not, a simple tweak in your marketing strategy may be all it takes to start attracting the types of clients that make you want to get out of bed in the morning!

How to identify the wrong client for your law firm

First, how do you know you are working with the wrong type of client? Do your firm’s prospects consistently ask you to lower your rates? Do they ask about your prices before discussing your services and their needs? Prospects that are shopping for price do not understand the value of working with your practice. These are not the types of clients you want!

Learn How to Say “No”

Do you find yourself taking cases that you don’t like just to keep business flowing? Not only does this exacerbate your problem by creating referral opportunities for those types of cases but it also means that you are doing work that you don’t enjoy. Learn how to say, “No”! It may be scary at first but you’ll stop creating referrals for those types of cases and start zeroing in on the cases you enjoy.

How to identify the best clients for your practice

So how do you identify your ideal client? Start by asking clients that you enjoy working with what is important to them. What are their dreams, desires, and goals? What age are they? What do they value? This information will help guide your firm’s marketing efforts so that you are speaking to your ideal clients! Most attorneys make the mistake of marketing to the masses which results in wasted time qualifying, frustration with client quality, and haggling over price. Changing your marketing to speak to the individual client type you want will flip the paradigm by using a targeted approach instead of a shotgun approach.

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