Deadly Marketing Mistake #18: Not Having a Referral System

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about how people find attorneys these days. Despite being replaced by the Internet as the top source of business for law firms, “recommendations from friends and family” is still the second most used method of finding attorneys (and any service professional, really). Just because you have a killer website design doesn’t mean you can just ignore your referrals system!

Your Clients Can Help You

I know, you can’t pay for non-attorney referrals.  But you know what? People like to refer businesses and service professionals that do a great job. I give out tons of referrals to stellar service providers.  I want the businesses I like to stay in business.

Nudge Your Clients in the Right Direction

Develop a system where your clients and friends are not only invested in your business. You want to facilitate referrals.  Do you know when you ask for them? Do you regularly remind past clients how important referrals are to you? Do you have an automated email reminder? Direct mail? Birthday cards?birthdaycard

Cheesy? Maybe. But facilitating a lasting relationship means your clients will keep referring you to other potential clients.

Just Ask!

The tough part about being a personal injury attorney is you don’t draw on one type of person.  The great part is that you did something to help someone out.  More often than not, they want to return the favor. If you secured an outstanding settlement for a client, they will be willing to sing your praises.  You just have to ask them on a regular basis.