Deadly Marketing Mistake #9: Not Starting With “Why?”

Why are you a personal injury attorney? Why do you get excited about parts of your work? Why should someone go to your website? Why should someone read your website?  Why should someone connect to your Facebook page? Why would someone contact your law firm? Why would someone remember and hire your law firm?

There is an awesome book on this, Starting With Why by Simon Sinek.

“Why?” is your story, the story of your ideal clients. This is your authenticity.

“Why?” is your Unique Value Proposition.

“Why?” is what will make your marketing cohesive.

Asking “Why?” will answer a lot of questions.

Easy? Except you must be courageous.

The more courageous your answer to “Why” the more it will work.

The answer “Why do people hire you?” is an emotional response to a story.  As Simon Sinek so wonderfully, scientifically shows in his book, decisions are made by the emotional, not logical part of our brain.  An emotional decision is backed up by logic.

Emotional Brain: “Oooooh that computer is sooo pretty and I can be a part of the cool people at Starbucks when I use it.”

Logical Brain: “You’re right, Emotional Brain. You need the latest one with a Four Core Processor and Retina Display so all of the kitten videos will play milliseconds faster and you can see the cat whiskers so you can make sure they are real cats and not photo-shopped.  You can also create amazing blog posts about kittens so you too can be a YouTube celebrity. Buy it now. Wait in line if you have to.”

If Apple can instill their “Why” into commodities and get people to buy the newest version every year, you can do it, too. You have a much smaller audience, being that I am assuming you are not targeting the entire world.  You also have something that people genuinely need.

Not so easy?  Except you have a story.  We all have a story. As Roy Disney said, “People buy stories.” I think Disney understands the whole marketing thing down pat.

HINT: If you can’t easily replace your name with another attorney’s name, you have a good answer to “Why.”

Start with Why, get your authentic story out there. Sculpt and Refine your UVP, and you will start solving a lot of your marketing mistakes. You will be on the way to successfully marketing your law firm.

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