Deadly Marketing Mistake #1: Dated or Bad Website Design could be costing you $600,000 a year

In this series, I am going to review topics like Website Design for your law firm, Online Video and SEO.  There are a lot of mistakes I have seen in website design and it may be one of the costliest errors you can make for your Personal Injury Law Firm.

Here is a chart of who looks at your website.


You spend time and money on business cards, stationary, a sign, nice clothes and even advertising, but don’t hire a great personal injury law website designer. What’s up with that?

Here’s a little secret.

EVERYONE sees your website before hiring you, most likely multiple times.

When I see an old website, I can almost smell the dust and hear the typewriter.  While these ideas are quaint, and libraries are nostalgic, “Quaint” and “Nostalgic” are NEVER the qualities someone wants when hiring a personal injury attorney to represent them for their accident case.

When you have an old website design, I get the feeling you have been playing golf since 1995.  When you have a poor website design, my opinion of your services declines.

Why do you care about my thoughts?  I have a team that talks about creating the best website design everyday.  We know how the public uses websites. As a personal injury attorney, the general public is your consumer and what they feel should be important to you.

You get all of you clients by referrals?  A poor website design is costing you.

You are #1 on Google?  A dated website design is costing you.

You should be evaluating your design on a regular basis, and expect to change it every two years. Yes.  Every two years.

Ok, science time.  

Actually, math.

I have seen good website design increase conversion rates 50 to 3,000%.  Let’s do the math using the low numbers.

Assume every potential client is coming to your site.

You get 6,000 visitors a year.  (That’s low.  Some of our Search Engine Optimization Personal Injury Clients get that in a month)

Right now you are getting six calls per month. Two good cases at an average of $50,000 in revenue per case (Still working with low numbers here).

Conversion equals the number of calls from the website.  If you have a crappy website, at worst we are going to increase conversion 30%.

Ok, so now instead of 6 calls you get 8 calls and one more case per month.  That’s at least 12 cases a year and $600,000 in lost revenue for your Personal Injury Law Firm.

So, do you think $600,000 in revenue is worth doing a website design that works for your personal injury law firm?