Make Your Law Firm’s Marketing 3 Times More Effective

You finally found it.

The one thing that separates good law firms from great law firms.  

It’s not legal prowess.

It’s identifying your ideal clients.

The most specialized attorneys, doctors, and [INSERT ANY PROFESSION] reach the greatest success. The greatest internet marketers succeed by focusing on one avatar (ideal client).

When you focus on helping one problem for one person, you are speaking to your ideal client. It’s the first and most essential step to making your internet marketing three times more effective, and much less expensive.

You Already Customize Your Message.

When someone comes into your law office,  do you have a canned speech?  Of course not.  You customize each speech to every person that walks through your door.

When a potential new client is standing in front of you, that person already KNOWS you and (hopefully) LIKES you.  

You finalize the journey by getting the person to TRUST you, the final step to getting a new client.

Free Ideal Client Worksheet

The Three Steps to Obtaining a New Client

The three steps to sales success are

  1. Be Known
  2. Be Liked
  3. Be Trusted

These three steps compose the sales cycle and any good marketing strategy. Courting a new client is just like dating – a potential mate has to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.

All of the steps must happen in that order.

If you are talking to a potential mate for the first time, you first get to know them before asking them to get to know you. Then you talk about things that are important to them.

It’s exactly the same in marketing and closing new clients.

The best way to court and close your ideal clients (those with whom you love to work and feed the coffers) is to simply identify those ideal clients.

More specifically, identifying one ideal client.

When you speak to one person — what they like, what they need, what is important to them — it is easy to get them to know, like and trust you.

Do you have any of these questions?

  • Where should I market my law firm?
  • What should my website look like?
  • What type of tone should I have in my content?
  • Should I use billboards or television ads?
  • What should I write in my blog?
  • What social media platform should I market my blog on?
  • Should I use Facebook Ads?

All of these questions and more are answered when you clearly identify your law firm’s ideal client.

Not only are you going to know what to say, but you will also know WHERE to say it. Just like trying to find the perfect mate, it’s not just about what you say, but where you say it.  The person you meet at the nightclub is going to be very different than the person you meet at the library.  

Decide what type of person you want to meet.

So why have not identified your law firm’s ideal client?

  • You are afraid to turn away business
  • You are afraid to scare away business
  • You think you have a lot of ideal clients
  • You think you can grow better by appealing to everyone
  • You don’t know how to Identify your ideal clients

“Specialists eat generalists for breakfast.” – Greg Head

Who are the richest doctors?  Specialists.  The more specialized the doctor, the bigger their bank account.  The more well known that doctor is.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he reduced their offerings from hundreds of items down to just a handful of core products. Then he focused relentlessly toward making the iPhone. Apple then targeted 20 something designers with these products.

When I decided to focus solely on working with law firms, it was because of my extensive past. Legal marketing is tough. Yet now ask anyone in communities like Infusionsoft Certified Partners or DigitalMarketer for someone to market your law firm.  Top marketers will point to authenticWEB.

Those specialists can still practice general medicine for the right person. Marketing to design-oriented 24 year olds doesn’t stop everyone from buying Apple Products.  I still work with a few other select businesses, but I get to choose.

When you identify your ideal clients you will crush it, and you should triple your marketing effectiveness.

While there are tons of stats and examples, let’s do the simple math of increasing your marketing three times through identifying your ideal client.

The Math of Tripling Marketing Effectiveness Through Identifying Ideal Clients

Imagine you are in a room with 100 people, giving a speech about your practice area. Do you have a speech prepared?  How long do you think it would take you?  What do you think your chances are of getting a client?

Let’s say you were looking for Bill, a 30 year old salesman and fitness buff, as a potential client.  Bill prospects on Linkedin for his software sales job.

He is constantly looking for gear as he is training for an Iron Man.  Bill also drives a Cadillac SUV to transport his gear.

Bill is married with a 6 year old son and and 10 year old daughter.  He drives them to school when he can.

What’s his problem?

  • If you are a divorce attorney, Bill caught his wife cheating when he came home early from a work trip.
  • If you are a personal injury attorney, Bill was injured on his bike. He was hit while riding on a road and dislocated his shoulder.
  • If you are a criminal defense attorney, Bill had a couple of drinks at a client meeting and was pulled over on the way home and arrested for DUI.
  • If you are an estate planning attorney, Bill’s dad passed away early from a heart attack.  Bill’s wife is worried what will happen to the family if the same happens to Bill.

Now you are back giving that speech and you know Bill is there.  Can you give a speech that would speak to Bill and get him to come up to you?  Could you do that speech impromptu?  Most likely yes to both.

You can double the conversion rate, getting a potential client to take the  next step with you, and easily decrease in half the time it takes to prepare to speak to Bill.

Now, even if you are speaking specifically to Bill but across the room Martha is in a similar situation, do you think she will call you?  Yes, because you are speaking to specific needs instead of in “legal marketing” talk.

Let’s talk a little bit about referrals from your speech.  When you tell someone you are a personal injury attorney, they will most likely forget. They MAY remember you are an attorney.  If you tell them a story about helping someone like Bill, then the memory of you is triggered when they need help.

You will easily get more referrals from that talk.

When we double your chances of getting a client from 100 people, half the time time allowing you to make twice as much marketing and double your chances of a referral then your marketing is 300% more effective.  

All from identifying your ideal client.


Identify Your Ideal Client in Just 22 Minutes

The only thing left is to identify and create a profile for your ideal client. I worked with some of the leading marketing research companies and created a tool to identify your ideal clients. We will also help you identify where they are. This is our first step to success at authenticWEB. In fact, we will not work with someone before they do it.

Download our “22 Minutes to Your Ideal Client” worksheet. I am providing it for free because I want you to succeed.  

Apply the worksheet to your biggest marketing question, whether it is designing your law firm’s website, creating a television commercial or simply deciding how to answer the phone.

In return, I have one favor  to ask.  In the comments below, let me know what company you think does the best job of speaking to their ideal client.