Set your Business Apart by Telling the Right Story at the Right Time

A crucial aspect you should focus on is telling your story. The best part about great stories is that people will remember them. Great storytelling will make people remember you.

You must know that it’s not just about telling the right stories, but telling the right story at the right time.

To adapt to the changing world, you must use the power of a story and watch the signs of the times to find the perfect vehicle for your excellent story.

Listen to our CEO Ian Garlic explain how important stories are on the 6th episode of his podcast The Garlic Marketing Show.

The Power of a Story

Throughout the ages, even before the written word, the story has dominated the minds and hearts of human beings. When it comes to marketing, telling a story is absolutely crucial because you want people to perceive your business’ value. There’s nothing more compelling than telling stories when it comes to perceiving value.

You may think you don’t have what it takes to create an effective story, but it’s always about telling the right story for the perfect situation.

Stories Drive Emotions

Whenever you tell a story, you influence people’s emotions. Whenever a person makes a decision, emotion is always the driving force. That driving force is vital to understand, especially regarding your business.

People are naturally searching for an emotional response. Whenever you talk about a product, people may need it, but they most likely will not want it. Science has proven that emotions drive decision making, and stories drive emotions.

When a person hears a story, different emotions happen in different parts of their brains. A properly told story will utilize imagination, sight, sound, touch, and light up every part of the brain causing an emotional response.

Once a person has that emotional response, they start to use their brains to create a logical decision, but that decision won’t happen without an initial emotional response.

The Three Crucial Parts of a Story

To write an effective story that drives people’s emotions for them to come to a decision, you must utilize the three key parts of a story.

Movies, books, TV shows, musicals and other forms of media may have multiple segments in their stories, but there are three main parts to utilize. These acts are the exposition, the conflict, and the resolution.

To properly tell a story, you must focus on these three key points and touch the hearts and minds of your customers.


To initially light up the brains of your customers, you must use the exposition. In the exposition, you set up the stage of your story to make an initial connection.

This is where you initially connect to a person to elicit an emotional response. When you watch commercials, you will notice that they use stories and situations for you emotionally respond.

With a well-written exposition, you can actually attract your customers and elicit an emotional response.


No business comes without problems. Remember, the conflict isn’t only the problem, but it can also be the process of solving the problem.

Regarding business, CEOs are always putting out fires and finding more solutions to future complications.  In letting people know about these problems, you attract them because they naturally look forward to seeing the end bit to that anxiety. Basically. That’s why people enjoy scary movies.

In creating the conflict for your story, you make it seem real because everything isn’t sunshine and roses.


So, how does the resolution work? It’s the point where your marketing solves the answer to people’s needs. When you complete your story, you use the resolution to conclude the conflict. You end the problem with a solution that your product presents. In doing so, you effectively elicit people’s emotional response and lead their logical decisions towards your product.

Once you’ve effectively created the right story with these three key parts, you can now choose the perfect situation.

The Right Time

Naturally, human beings decide because of situations. Some good people turn bad or act against their nature because of the situation. If you’re emotionally affected by the situation, you can expect that your actions will change, especially if there are desperate times.

You can’t expect people to feel the same way you do because they might be in a different situation, so you must create a story that people can empathize with. In knowing different situations and how people can get affected, you can place your story at the right time.

How do you do this?

This is where you become a story collector. When you start sourcing stories, you’ll begin to use them for your marketing. Not only will it make people excited for your product, but it will get you ecstatic to grow your business. You’ll even uncover some unknown issues that have haunted your business through the stories from your customers. Your ideal customers will start to understand your value proposition.

Become a Media Company

When you become a media company, you’ll be able to utilize all the known tools for creating and sourcing excellent stories.

Down the road, people may forget why they started availing of your services. By becoming a media company, you always remind them why your business should be important to them.

When you consistently create, source, and tell stories as a media company, you successfully engage people to your product, reminding them of how great it is to work with you and your business.  

To create a beautiful relationship between you and your customers, tell the right story at the right time, create stories using the three key parts, and become a media company to start reminding people that they need and want a relationship with your business.

When you successfully incorporate compelling storytelling into your business, you’ll look back one day and be proud of what you’ve achieved.