Are You Talking to the Wrong Clients?

When Tommy Yionoulis of OpsAnalytica started his business, his team struggled to develop a successful marketing strategy. Nobody on his team had any prior experience in marketing, but they knew they needed to do something. They started reading any book on digital marketing they could find and trying those strategies. Unfortunately, this did not breed the results they were looking for, and they kept struggling to get leads. It turned out OpsAnalytica was speaking to the wrong clients.

Tommy knew they needed professional help if OpsAnalytica was going to see any change. He took the time to speak with the marketing experts at authenticWEB, and after a brainstorming session, they were able to identify the changes he needed to make to stop targeting the wrong clients.

From there, they were able to create a successful marketing strategy that actually talked to the right clients. The difference was immediate, and now the OpsAnalytica team feels more confidence facing the world of digital marketing.

Tommy’s struggle isn’t unique. A lot of new businesses have a challenging time getting the word out about their services on the internet. OpsAnalytica, in particular, suffered from a low search volume, making their problem even more frustrating. The most important thing to keep in mind in these situations is whether or not your business is speaking to the right customers. Here are some easy ways to evaluate your strategy to ensure you’re targeting the right audience.

Storytelling Approach

A pitfall of many new businesses is focusing too heavily on what they are selling. While this certainly has its time and place, it is much more powerful to focus on storytelling. What story are you trying to tell with your business, and what is your client’s story? Understanding your client’s unique perspective will help you determine how to best speak to them from the beginning.

Not Just Facebook

In the digital age, there are more social platforms than ever to get your business noticed. Many new businesses assume they should emphasis Facebook the most in their marketing strategy. While many audiences are on Facebook, this might not always be the best approach. Your ideal customer might not spend most of their time on Facebook after all, and you might accidentally overlook better fitting platforms. Consider spreading your reach to sites like Yelp, Youtube, and even LinkedIn depending on your ideal client.  

Stay Flexible

The internet changes quickly, and what works today might not work tomorrow. As a business owner, you need to be able to grow and change with your clients. This kind of mindset is essential for creating a successful marketing strategy that consistently brings you leads.

The Right Research Avoids the Wrong Clients

Wasting time speaking to the wrong clients won’t benefit your business in any positive way. It is essential you are willing to spend the time researching your ideal client so you can grow your confidence. This leaves you more time to spend following up with the right clients, meaning more business.

The right marketing strategy will break down the thought process of your ideal client, positioning you inside their mind. Understand how your customers think and what kind of questions they have. If you can anticipate these questions and concerns, you can answer their questions before they even arise, meaning faster conversion.

Speak to the Experts

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to begin when it comes to defining your ideal client. authenticWEB has experience working with businesses of all sizes when it comes to creating a successful marketing strategy and finding your clients. Break the cycle of wasting time on the wrong clients and learn how to find the right ones the first time. Speak to an authenticWEB marketing professional today to talk about how to best direct your marketing strategy.

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