The Often Overlooked Video that Converts Prospects into Clients (and Prevents Buyers Remorse)

Video Marketing and Storytelling. Many great marketers talk about how video drives business.

Videos make you an authority. One of our clients, Doug Richards, a criminal defense attorney in Colorado, said,

“People walk in and feel they know me. I’m their friend because they watched all of my videos.”

People buy from friends. “When all else is equal, we buy from friends. Sometimes even when all else is not equal.” How often have you gone to a store, or hired someone just because they were your friend?

The right videos, crafted with the right message, will make you an authority too. When YOU appear on video and give people answers to their issues, you become an authority on the subject.

When you are a friend and an authority, your business becomes THE ONLY CHOICE.

Whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, or a Saas company, you need to be educating and entertaining with video all along the customer journey.

The customer journey is NOT your process, but their process, from their points of view.


On the customer journey, you sit beside the customer, guiding them. Your videos make them feel like you are their guide, and they are the HERO, improving their lives and their business.

I can tell you that people, no matter what demographic, are doing research on Google and on video.

Here are a few of the stories of how some people found Stem Cell Treatment.  

Mid-America warehouse owners, piano teachers, and truck drivers are all using YouTube.

Business executives are also watching YouTube to make decisions.

So now which videos should you make?

There are 8 essential types of videos, but one of the most overlooked, but in the top three most important is your Process Video.

Your Process Video increases the value of your internet marketing for 3 big reasons.

Your Process Video:
Overcomes silent objections
Creates a clear path forward after signing with you
Makes your prospect the HERO using your process

This video could be the reason prospects make the leap or take the plunge.

Other than your Process Video, there are two more videos you should have for your business. Your Video Case Studies and your About Us Video. If you present the Process Video properly, it may be the second most important.

Once people know, like, and trust you, they will be ready to buy from you. You cannot skip any points in that sequence.

If you try to just get them to BUY NOW, you become like a sleazy car salesman.

Yet that’s what many people expect of their website. They might drive leads, but these leads are “bad leads”. Bad leads usually mean you skip the “like and trust part” and go straight for the kill.

This prevents people from calling you at all.

Yet, once you’ve built a sequence that allows prospects to know, like, and trust you, your job is not over. If you want people to move forward quickly and easily, they have to know your process.

Not everyone asks it because they don’t want to look stupid. The big question for everyone buying your services is “What happens next?”

Let’s say you come to us for video marketing or website design. Do you know what’s going to happen? I doubt it. Every video agency is different, and, most likely, you haven’t even worked with one before.

This is the same for almost every service.

I went to the chiropractor for the first time the other day. All of these questions were swirling around in my head.
“How long is it going to take?”
“What’s the exam going to be like?”
“Will I have to wait long?”
“What should I wear?”
“Will it hurt?”
“What should I bring?”
“When do I pay?”

It took me almost a YEAR to go there for the first time. Not because I didn’t trust the chiropractor. It’s because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, and how it would fit in my day.


As experts, we do our thing over and over and over. We’ve built so many websites and I’ve created so many videos that I forget people don’t know our process.

It’s the most dangerous assumption because a few big hurdles stand in the way of your prospects’ decision.

Your prospects are thinking:
“It could take too much time.”
“I will look stupid.”
“They could be making it up along the way.”
“I’m not able to do this.”

Your Process Video should overcome all of these objections. This video demonstrates the path to success. This video shows you are an expert with a proven technique.

A great Process Video takes someone from start to finish. It gives a timeline of events.

Make the prospect the HERO and they will come back to you no matter how much they shop around.

When you make a great Process Video, you empower the viewer. Now, they feel they are a bit of an expert.

Your prospects will shop around. They might even go other places before they come to you.

If they watch your Process Video first, a prospect will make that the limit test for your competition. They will ask your competition if they do this and that because your prospects watched YOUR Video.

A great Process Video lowers customer support times and increases customer satisfaction.

If you email the Process Video, it can decrease customer complaints and calls. When you sell, people are excited by the ultimate outcome. Even if you tell them what’s going to happen, how long it takes, they don’t remember.

We put our Process Video in our contracting software. I can see when people go back after a few weeks to see what’s happening.

When customers don’t understand where they are in the process, they get frustrated. When they get frustrated, they find other things to complain about.
Support tickets increase.
Buyer’s remorse occurs.
You spend more time “re-selling” the project.

Elements of a Great Process Video

In video marketing, a Process Video does not seem sexy. Like the About Us Video, the Process Video comes to life as an afterthought.

The process is one of the absolute fundamentals of video marketing.

First, we create a great process video from the customers’ point of view. No one cares how you do what you need to do. Always talk to them about what they will experience.

Second, we cover all major milestones. Make sure that the path covers the major milestones you will accomplish, and what happens at each.
What happens immediately after signup?
When is the first “success”?

Third, explain why those milestones there. “Are you sick of starting over every time you start a new marketing project? Are you overwhelmed by WHICH videos to do first, or even where to start in your marketing? That’s why we have our Storyboard Strategy Session”

Version Done is better than version None.

Now that I’ve overwhelmed you with the importance, the best thing you can do is get your Process Video done.

Call a videographer.

OR you can set up a 25-point marketing review with us so we can get a complete picture of what you need, and help you to prioritize.

Get started now. Use Video Marketing and your Process Video to be the only choice.

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