What is Google Page Rank (PR)

How Google Ranks Pages in the Search Results


Google is the number one search engine and most viewed site in the World Wide Web ahead of Yahoo and Facebook.  The higher your page rank, the more traffic you can generate, giving you more clients, and increasing profit. Google Search engines uses a system developed by their CEO Larry Page as a link analysis algorithm of over 200 components. Even your website web design plays a role on how Google ranks you. If your website is too cluttered it can have an negative effect on your website PR.

Websites are all connected through links, hence the name the World Wide Web.

Google indexes all the content on your web site to analyze Tags (keyword and descriptions), content (text/media), Links (supporting websites), and assigns a numeric value for each of the 200 components. Your Web Page can be a assigned a number from 0 to 10, based on the sum of those components.  When you type in a Key Word for a search, Google lists the websites based on the authority and the relevance to those key words typed. (continued)

Page Rank can be affected by AGE of website, content (static vs. graphic), links, tags, descriptions, design, placement of content, Geography, and etc.

Page Ranking is not a linear scale

Page Rank is not guaranteeing you a number one spot or ensuring that your website has greater authority over a website with a lower PR.  You can be on page one of Google today and not tomorrow. Acquiring and keeping a dominate web presence requires alot of maintenance. Know where your business stands among the competition and where to go from here…