Posts from April 2014

Deadly Marketing Mistake #10: Getting Stuck in the Checkout Line

The Checkout Line Sucks No, not that line at the grocery store where you have to wait 10 minutes just to buy one package of toilet paper. I am talking about a different Checkout Line. It’s starting a social media post with the term “Check Out…” Check out this article Check out our site Check […]

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New Survey Reveals More People are Looking to the Internet for Attorneys

Gone are the days of searching through the Yellow Pages for a personal injury attorney. Say goodbye to asking your friends and family for legal recommendations. Forget just walking up to the nearest law firm and asking for a consultation. A recent survey conducted by and Thomson Reuters reveals that people are turning to […]

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Deadly Marketing Mistake #9: Not Starting With “Why?”

Why are you a personal injury attorney? Why do you get excited about parts of your work? Why should someone go to your website? Why should someone read your website?  Why should someone connect to your Facebook page? Why would someone contact your law firm? Why would someone remember and hire your law firm? There […]

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The Stop Being Right Mindset

Instead of being right this week, be kind. When someone calls you up with a question that makes no sense, ask  yourself  “Why are they asking this question?” Ask this with kindness instead of anger and frustration. When someone tells you something completely off the wall, ask “How can I better understand where they are […]

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When Creating a Website, Less is More

  The Facts Of Clean, Simple Website Design When people seek out a business website, they are so excited with making a site unique and exciting that they tend to overlook the value of keeping a website design simple.  This isn’t just my opinion, it is science. In a 2012 study, Google found that users […]

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