Deadly Marketing Mistake #15: Having Testimonials, NOT Video Case Studies

Video testimonials suck.  When you ask someone to talk about how great you are it comes off unnatural.  However, when you create case studies, you tell stories of how you help people. A video case study from a former client tells of their complete experience from their point of view.  It tells a story that even someone not in need of your services (now) might watch.  Most likely, it will be the only piece of content you have that someone not in need of a personal injury attorney might watch.

How To Ask For Testimonials For Your Law Firm

Many people are afraid to ask for testimonials.  The simple key to asking for testimonials for your law firm: Do not ask for testimonials.  Ask your former clients if they could describe their experience on video.

Turbocharge Your Law Firm Marketing With Video Case Studies

When someone describes the experience, they are giving first hand knowledge without the “Curse of The Expert.” It’s from a layperson’s point of view and therefore some it is much more likely to connect with the general public. People are afraid of accidents. People are afraid of injury.  Many people want to face their fears so it becomes even more likely that someone will watch one of your case studies. Don’t believe people want to face their fears?  Why do we rubberneck to stare at accidents on the highway?

Better SEO and Conversion for your Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

Video case studies hit the long tail search and add engaging content, thus improving your Search Engine Optimization for your law firm’s website. From a conversion standpoint: If you were looking for a podiatrist, Googled “foot doctor” and the first thing to pop up was a video case study, wouldn’t you be more intrigued than seeing the actual podiatrist talking about feet?  Unless you have a specific question, a case study provides a better narrative, because it is just that – a story! A well done video case study for your law firm makes a great website design into a phenomenal website design.

Video Case Studies Sell With Stories

As I always say, stories sell.  We listen to the stories of those most like us.  We listen to the stories most related to what we are going through.  Video case studies are crucially powerful.  Ask for them and add them to your site.

Video Case Studies Validate Written Testimonials

Video case studies serve another purpose.  They should be an authentic documentary style video that validates any written testimonials you have. A thank you letter? That can easily be forged. Potential clients are wary of writing on the web, because there is so little accountability.  However, when you have one or more Authentic Case Studies on your site, your written testimonials become better and more believable to your potential clients. Unless they are prohibited by bar regulations, you should start emailing candidates today and ask them to tell their experience on camera.