Posts from July 2010

Have a Question Ask Facebook

Facebook has become the all encompassing site to find out what people are up to and where they might be going. Now in order to harness all of what Facebook’s members are talking about and what they think one can soon ask Facebook for that answer. Through a new “question dashboard” any user will be […]

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Using Keywords to Optimize

One of the reasons why using keywords when blogging is so important is because keywords help businesses and individuals optimize their sites. The definition of optimize is to rearrange, rewrite or improve efficiency of retrieval. Optimizing is just that—it is how your web presence is ranked and arranged in a search, and it is heavily […]

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Using Keywords When Blogging

Blogging is one thing, but blogging and actually knowing how to use keywords is a whole different thing. I have taken classes on Internet marketing and we have gone over social media and keywords, but one thing that was never clear was the use of keywords. Since becoming a regular blogger here at evolveALOUD I […]

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Google Chrome

Firefox, IE, and Safari may have to look out for Google. Google’s adding even more competition to the browser world with Google Chrome. Since the release of the Beta version of Google Chrome, more users are turning to it.  But, why you may say? Is it because of the simplicity of the browser? The clean […]

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All-In-One SEO Pack for WordPress

All-In-One SEO Pack makes it easy to optimize WordPress blog pages and posts for better search engine rankings, particularly if you know how to configure it for the best results. While some WordPress plugins require minimal configuration and ongoing oversight, this is not the case with the All-In-One SEO Pack. If you don’t configure your […]

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