Posts from October 2014

Define Your Sales Process to Win More of Your Ideal Clients

Want to attract and close more clients, and get more referrals?  The best way to find opportunities to do this is to first define your sales process.  We work with many professionals, and most of them only think about one part for their marketing: the call. Get enough calls and your business will be great, […]

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3 Reasons Why Simplicity is Best

You don’t have to be an expert to see that most human beings love complexity and tend to make things like products, designs and even websites as complex as possible.  What’s surprising about this is that as consumers and users, we all love simplicity. We generally visit a website with objectives in mind and the […]

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Marketing Predictions for 2015

2015 is almost here, so my question to you is have you already prepared your marketing plan for the coming year? There are many predictions trending of what will be the best practices to use for business marketing. In fact, Wheelhouse Advisors took the opportunity to compile a list of 10 marketing predictions for the […]

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Spread Your Story through Social Media

At authenticWEB, we always strive for authenticity. We also tell you to use testimonials as much as possible. People connect to authenticity, which is the story or the “Why” behind what you do. It’s what gets you going and keeps you going in your job. For me, I love to hear the stories of how […]

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How to Make Video Marketing Work for You

I was reading an article this week in regards to 10 key guidelines to use for video marketing. Out of all that was listed, I felt that two of the mentioned tips were useful for our clients. In fact the core of the video content we create for our clients use these points all the time. Informative […]

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